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Due to the COVID-19, the American Dental Association has recommended that we close down for the safety and well being of our patients and staff. We will be closed till approximately June 15th, but hopefully sooner. If you are a patient of record with a 'True' dental emergency please call the office at (541) 926-8611 and follow the promps. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a message. We will be checking our messages frequently. On behalf of Dr. Woods and Devoted Staff, we wish everyone good health and happiness through these difficult times.
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March 2020
• How Teeth Change As We Age
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• Do You Have Weak Tooth Enamel?

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January 2020
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Do You Have Weak Tooth Enamel?
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Would you be able to recognize if you had weak enamel? Aside from coming in for regular checkups where we would let you know if we recognized this issue, you could also tell with a few simple tips. First, if you notice your teeth recently became sensitive to temperature changes, it could be due to weak enamel. Weaker teeth often chip or crack more than strong teeth. You may also notice that your teeth change color slightly. They may become yellow or a bit translucent. If you notice these changes, call us to schedule an examination.

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